Per te: Le scatole di Julie (For You. Julie’s Boxes) by Marco Meier

35 €

Large format art book (30 x 30 cm) featuring the photos and texts of the exhibition Per te. Le scatole di Julie, works in paper and cardboard by Marco Meier, 144 colour pages

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Compagnia Finzi Pasca Editions
Bilingual edition Italian / English.
ISBN: 978-88-941005-4-9

Product Description

The author:
Born in Lugano in 1967, Marco Meier came into contact with Daniele Finzi Pasca’s theatrical path when he was a young man, working with his company for a short period in the early days. Years later their paths crossed again, this time on a human plane, when he met his old friend’s seriously ill wife Julie and saw at first hand the incredible fortress of love, care, assistance and hope that Daniele had erected around her.

Marco is a graphic artist, cartoonist and illustrator, but on this occasion he has undertaken something new and thus far unusual for him, creating small works in paper and cardboard closely linked to the show Per te.

“Looks, storms, captured voices and snow, lots of snow.
Fog, sky, smiles, hope.
A secret garden and sleepless nights.

Again more storms, suspended words and stolen seconds.
Luminous memories, infinite corridors
And steps, thousand of steps.
To cover as much of life as possible,
Challenging destiny, holding each other’s hands.”


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