Donka, diary: Book + movie Rolando Tarquini

15 €

A book accompanied by video images of Rolando Tarquini
92 pages + 35 minutes of video

Only available by internet download

The book is available only in Italian.

Product Description

This is not a real diary. It jump between Italy and Switzerland, between Lugano and Piacenza and Moscow and Lausanne. Flying over Mexico, Canada, Brazil and Uruguay. It is a paper that speaks of our trips and moments of our theatrical play. Encountering important words that accompany us daily. It is a diary but also a novel ans also explains what it means for us the theater. To be read as an adventure but to keep as a small manual. The information, the stories, the terms collected, are from creation and from the travels of the International Tour of the show “Donka, a letter to Checkov”, by Daniele Finzi Pasca and interwoven with real characters and not, flying over theaters and squares, bars and libraries, hotels and trains, meeting the imagination of the participants actors and technicians, the common people, the official characters, narrators, masters. Associated with the book there is a movie that tells the training we practice and rehearsals during the tours and the theaters we visited.

(Rolando Tarquini, actor of the Compagnia Finzi Pasca)


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